Charles Spurgeon Understood Liberalism And The Threat It Posed Then

I posted a while ago on an insightful critique of Liberalism that Charles Spurgeon articulated. At Pyromaniacs they have posted another powerful observation by Spurgeon:

“The very persons who talk most about being liberal in their views are generally the greatest persecutors. If I must have a religious enemy, let me have a professed and avowed bigot, but not one of your “free thinkers” or “broad churchmen” as they are called, for there is nobody who can hate as they do; and the lovers of liberal-mindedness who have no creed at all think it to be their special duty to be peculiarly contemptuous to those who have some degree of principle, and cannot twist and turn exactly as they can.”

Keep in mind this was Liberalism over a hundred years ago, it is far more radical today. This religious manifestation Spurgeon was rightfully so concerned about, has now become a political movement, which seeks to normalize contempt for God’s Commandments and the Gospel. Spurgeon nails it when he says that these liberals are “the greatest persecutors” for that is what will happen to the Body of Christ if their views are realized in society and enforced by the State.


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