Hijab And Burka Wearing Muslim Women Protest Woman Concerned About Islam's Oppression Of Women; What?

Add this to the growing number of reasons you do not want your daughter to grow up to be a feminist. I have come across Ayaan Hirsi Ali when she was interviewed by Tavis Smiley. She was talking about the violence of Islam when Smiley chimed in and said that Christians kill more people than Muslims on a daily basis. Ali was recently protested in Seattle by women wearing hijabs and burkas. From Weasel Zippers via the Seattle Weekly:

“It was a scene you don’t see everyday in Seattle: Some three dozen Islamic women in cloaks and veils descended on Town Hall last night to wave pickets and pass out fliers. They were there to protest the appearance of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the controversial Somali √©migr√© who’s been speaking out against Islamic fundamentalism and oppression of women.

Hirsi Ali, a former Dutch member of parliament who’s now a fellow at the conservative D.C.-based American Enterprise Institute, came here at the behest of the World Affairs Council to talk about her views on Muslims and her new book Nomad: From Islam to America: A Personal Journey Through the Clash of Civilizations.

“We don’t want hate speech here,” said Entisar Ibrahim, one of the protesters, her black hijab revealing only her eyes. But when asked exactly how Hirsi Ali was a “virulently Islamaphobic bigot,” as the fliers labeled the visiting author, Ibrahim couldn’t say.

She said nevertheless that she and her fellow protesters–whom she said came from all over the city rather than any specific neighborhood or mosque– were worried that Hirsi Ali’s message would incite anti-Islamic feeling in Seattle…”

The absurd disconnect between what is one the sign and what these Muslim women are saying. They do not want to be second class citizens but they dress how women are forced to dress in some of the most oppressed Islamic countries in the world. And yet feminists will side with the women wearing the hijabs and burkas. Yes, feminism is a danger to women.

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