California State Senator Wants To Ban Walmart From The State

Alternative headline: “Democrat Wants To Punish Any Company Or Person Not In A Union”. From One News Now:

A California lawmaker has proposed a measure that would ban Wal-Mart and similar retailers from the state. But a former congressional hopeful thinks it is just a way to protect unions.

Democratic Senator Juan Vargas of San Diego has proposed a bill that aims to ban “big-box” retailers from the state, as he contends they are a hindrance to small businesses and the local economy. A similar measure was previously suggested in his district, but city council members and residents turned it down.

Larry Andre (R), a former California congressional candidate, tells OneNewsNow the unions are concerned that Wal-Mart is entering the food business as a non-union shop.

Larry Andre (R-CA)”It is so much based upon power and control,” Andre points out. “Obviously, they want to do what they believe is in the best interest of their union members, which would be to have as many union members as possible and to get them the best benefit packages and the most money they could possibly get them.”

Vargas’ bill targets stores that measure at least 90,000 square feet and dedicate at least ten percent of their space to groceries. According to the former congressional hopeful, the unions’ main goal is to preserve their jobs at the expense of taxpayers.

“We suffer from high unemployment currently, we are suffering from high costs of living in this state [and] our fuel costs are much higher than many other states,” he explains. “By the elimination of Wal-Mart, you relegate a whole class of people into poverty, because they are not able to purchase goods and services at a very fair price.”

But as long as unions support politicians, Andre concludes that politicians will cater to the special interests that keep unions thriving.

New Liberal slogan: “Work for me but not for thee”.

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