#OccupyWallStreet Coming To Your Neighborhood With “Occupy Your Block” Chalk Campaign (Video)

It was just a matter of time before the Occupation of Wall Street called for the Occupation of Main Street. We have now reached a potential watershed moment in the Occupy movement now that they are calling for people to show their solidarity with the Occupations at City Hall’s by taking it to your neighborhood. From Big Government:

The Outreach Group of the NYC General Assembly has an idea inspired by this story of unity between strangers using the original social media: chalk. It’s a creative, anonymous and exciting way for supporters of all ages to show support everywhere.
To join in:

  1. Draw on your sidewalk a cool message about support for Occupy Wall Street, strength in the 99%, etc.
  2. Leave chalk (maybe in a box) and write a note asking people to write on other parts of the sidewalk.
  3. Take before and after pics, and send them to OccupyYourBlock@gmail.com
  4. Outreach Group will make a music video montage of all the pics sent in, post it and share it widely on for the new Occupy Your Block coming up in one week.

Nothing is more raw, more visceral than using rock on rock to communicate. Chalk has helped us launch major leaps in human evolution, perhaps more than any other tool; from cave drawings, to symbols, to language. It’s a fast, guttural, fun way to share your voice with everyone who passes, and there’s something about sidewalk chalk that makes every passerby want to take a look.

How many of these Occupiers went through Obama’s Organizing For America training?

Get ready, the Occupiers are coming.

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5 thoughts on “#OccupyWallStreet Coming To Your Neighborhood With “Occupy Your Block” Chalk Campaign (Video)

  1. How long till they go from chalk to tents? They have no concept of property rights or the rights for non-oppupukes to live in peace unmolested by them, no doubt their chalk will lead to drum circles and idiots camping on your lawn while demanding that you feed them for free and let them use your bathroom. Get your hoses ready, nip them in the bud if they sprout up in your neighborhood.

    • I think their neighborhood Occupations will stay close to the main City Hall one's. So unless you live close to where they are now, we might not have to deal with it. Time will tell. In either case, taking into neighborhoods is not good.

  2. How long before they from chalk to knives, bats and guns? Four people have already been found dead in Occupy encampments, plus the numerous sexual assaults and beatings.

    If they come to my neighborhood, they won't get chalk, they'll get lead.

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