Dean College Student Beaten For His Shoes And Other Students Cheer It On (Video)

Liberalism has truly taken over higher education. This is a disgusting display, not only by the student doing the beating but also by the students cheering this on. From

Nine Dean College students have been expelled following a one-sided fight on Friday that was captured on videotape and posted online. Police said they expected to bring criminal charges in the case.

The fight began when a group of male students confronted another male student over a pair of sneakers, said Franklin Deputy Police Chief Stephen Semerjian.

“It began with a sucker punch so the victim really had no idea,” Semerjian said. “Once he was horizontal on the ground, it was brutal from that point on, absolutely.”

The video shows a young man being punched without warning and then repeatedly punched and being hit with his own shoes. His attacker then walks off with the shoes.

The victim was treated at the campus medical center and released Friday night.

“It was really one-sided,” Semerjian said. “The victim was lucky to be able to get back to his feet.”

One student was expelled Friday, and eight more were expelled after the video came to light Monday, said Gregg Chalk, spokesman for Dean College. Chalk said no other students are being investigated at this time.

“Dean has zero tolerance for anything that infringes on the safety of students,” Chalk said.

At least one person is expected to face criminal charges, Semerjian said. Charges would include assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and unarmed robbery, he said.

“There absolutely will be [charges] once we finish everything up,” he said.

Good for the Dean who expelled these students. This is not quite a flash mob like we have seen in the past, but it is similar in the way the other students cheer on the attack.


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7 thoughts on “Dean College Student Beaten For His Shoes And Other Students Cheer It On (Video)

    • Because liberalism (not classic liberalism but today's utopian version) does not respect private property rights. Liberalism (and it's bastard child OWS) have fomented discontent between the haves and the have nots. It doesn't matter what station in life you hold, in liberalism's eyes, if someone has what you want you're allowed, even justified, in taking it and forcibly if necessary. Not a stretch at all really, just the ends after years of liberal ideals being cheered and dominant in our culture.

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