Jules Manson Calls For Obama And Family To Be Killed Along With Racist References; Evil; UPDATE: Thanks To JWF For The Link

I think Jules Manson would be more at home in the KKK instead of the Tea Party. This Ron Paul supporter and Tea Partier has made an outrageously racist threat against President Obama and his family. From Unsettled Christianity via Alan Comes (Language Warning):

Submitted by Epiphany

Jules Manson, who lost a bid for city council in City of Carson, CA, used his Facebook page to advocate for assassinating the president and his children in a racist pitch.

Manson removed the obnoxious post, but numerous Facebook users, outraged by the despicable threat, captured an image of the threat before Manson had the good sense to take it down.

Two hours after making the offensive post, and after being bombarded by hundreds of Facebook users outraged by his racist call to assassinate the leader of the free world, Manson made a bizarre Facebook post, presumably in the hopes of justifying his unjustifiable rant. There Mason argued that using the word “nigger” does not make him a racist. However, most reasonable people would disagree with Manson’s assertion.

It is hard to find information on Manson as the local paper does not turn up much on him. More can be found at the Examiner. Jules Manson has got some serious problems and thinking that that he is better than President Obama and his family is one of them.

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Thanks to Jammie Wearing Fools for the hat tip. And also to the Hicktown Press.

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11 thoughts on “Jules Manson Calls For Obama And Family To Be Killed Along With Racist References; Evil; UPDATE: Thanks To JWF For The Link

    • I think a little visit from the U.S. Secret Service is in order. Calling for the assassination of the POTUS is a class D felony, punishable by 5 to 10 years and a fine up to $250,000.00

      • Agree, he needs to be locked up, either in prison or a nuthouse for the criminally insane. The last thing our country needs right now would be the riots and total chaos that would result from an assassination or even assassintion attempt. I was in the Army when Martin Luther King was murdered, saw first hand the riots and massive destruction that resulted from that. The murder of Obama and/or any of his family would cause even worse riots. And anyone who would call for the murder of his children, who haven't done a damn thing anyone can possibly have any complaint with, is even more obectionable. The guy is a total jerk, needs to be taken off the streets AND not be allowed to use the internet if he is going to try to provoke people to murder the President and /or any of his family members. There are appropriate ways to get him out of office, called electons and/or impeachment – never assassination

  1. The rest of his initial post bears mentioning as well. He's suggesting that people throw jury trials, kill political officials and those tasked with serving in uniform.

    This is outrageous.

  2. This is a backhanded attempt to gundermine Paul as well. There is already talk that he probably won the Iowa Causcus but was cheated at the ballot box.

      • Jules Manson is an atheist libertarian who apparently despised the Tea Party. He was removed as editor of SupportAtheism.org because of a racist private comment, according to the current editor of that website. He is apparently a "9/11 Truth" conspiracy enthusiast, he officially favors rent and price controls on his web page, and he says that he dislikes both main political parties but has been a member of both. He was (he says) motivated to run for "office" (the town's City Council) because his landlord raised the rent on his trailer, among other things.

        His positions are an odd mix; he seems as good or better a fit with the Occupy movement. But in any event, the "Tea Party Leader" and "Tea Party darling" and "Republican politician" statements are all evidently fabrications.

        It would be good to deal with the facts as they are, especially as this fellow could be as easily portrayed on one side of the aisle as the other. There are not too many militant, anti-Christian ranters in the Tea Party, for example, but Manson's posts at SupportAtheism contain that sentiment.

        ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

        • DeHavelle, you got more facts right than other writers around the web. Unfortunately they removed my posts at supportatheism.com and examiner.com and one other site. But, I have many more rants on my own domain: julesmansondotcom. Just replace the dot with a real period.

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