Tim Tebow Should Do An ‘It Gets Better’ Ad For Christians

The hatred and harassment of Tim Tebow continues in the media and throughout the blogosphere. Tebow’s crime? Being an outspoken Christian who is not afraid to talk about his faith and live like it matters to him. Here are some of the comments Tebow’s interview after beating the Chicago Bears is getting. Language Warning:

this guy is a dumass he always looks up in the sky i wish he did it during the play so they could nail the shit out of him.
kamy1223 2 days ago

I quit believing in all this fairy tale bullshit when i was 12. Poor Tebow. He’s not the sharpest tool in the shed.
DrugstoreCFH 3 days ago

good to see god is looking out for the denver broncos. how about the fucking starving children. the families suffering at the hands of the failing american economy. yeah. i really see what the fuck god cares about. suck a dick tebow.
miles3621 4 days ago

Apparently Liberals are blaming Tebow for the Denver Broncos not embracing the “It Gets Better” campaign that pushes the acceptance of homosexuality. If Tebow and the Broncos do an “It Gets Better” ad, it should be one about how it gets better for Christians. It could have Tebow talk about his life with missionary parents, being home schooled, and his mother actually choosing life for him, and then end with a highlight from a Bronco game where Tebow makes a big play. Then the video goes back to Tebow, and he says, “It gets better”. Time to take a stand against Christian bullying in America.

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2 thoughts on “Tim Tebow Should Do An ‘It Gets Better’ Ad For Christians

  1. Thanks for your work, Todd… And a very Merry and Christ-filled Christmas to you and your family!!! Isa. 53–our hope and salvation!

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