Feminists Want You To Buy Girl Scout Cookies To Support Inclusion Of Transsexuals; Boys As Girl Scouts

Of course those who define the feminist movement today would support the idea of a 7 year old boy joining the Girl Scouts. Feminist philosophy is apparently so advanced that it’s advocates think that a 7 year old boy ought to be able to decide his gender and that parents have a moral obligation to let a 7 year old kid dictate how he is to brought up. So in response to the negative reaction the Girl Scouts have gotten for appeasing this madness, feminists are rallying to the Girl Scouts and asking you to buy lots of yummy cookies. From Feministing:

A series of transphobic viral videos have called for a boycott of Girl Scout cookies until the organization expels all transgender participants. It seems this boycott could put a huge dent in the budget of Girl Scouts USA. If the transphobes have it their way, the organization will be severely punished for their choice to allow transgender girls.

I don’t want to see this happen. While I once boycotted Girl Scouts because of their enforcement of the gender binary and patriarchal views of femininity, I want to see them rewarded, not punished, for making a bold and necessary move toward improving the rights of trans youth.

I hereby propose a counter-boycott. We should rally the feminist, queer,and children’s-rights communities to support Girl Scouts in 2012. Buy as many cookies as you can, and call your local chapter to let them know that you support their decision to include transgender girls in their programs.

Cookies go on sale Saturday… and you’ve never had a better excuse to chow down on Samoas and Thin Mints!

This is not normal unless you live in Liberal land where up is down, black is white, and evil is good.

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