Anti-Christian Bigot Bill Maher Attacks Home Schooling; Obama Super PAC Must Return Maher’s Money (Video)

I said it before that President Obama should return Bill Maher’s donation, and now Maher has put the icing on the cake of Liberal hypocrisy when it comes to anti-Christian bigotry in this country. Maher has attacked home schooling in a broad sweep and likens the home school living room to a Islamic Madrassa. Actually, Maher, if you were not such an ignorant Christophobe, you would include the kitchen as well, since that is where most of our home schooling takes place.

Over at Hot Air there is a list of some of the accomplishments of home schooled kids. Given the recent football season, one Tim Tebow also comes to mind. Will Obama, someone who claims to be a Christian, have the courage to stand against Maher’s bigotry and demand his Super PAC return Maher’s $1 million? This should be a campaign issue until Obama has Maher’s money returned. We are all home schoolers now.

HT: Newsbusters

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3 thoughts on “Anti-Christian Bigot Bill Maher Attacks Home Schooling; Obama Super PAC Must Return Maher’s Money (Video)

  1. This guy is supposed to be a comedian, it is him who is the joke. Funny how he attacks homeschoolers when I am certain he knows nothing of the process. There is a reason the US Military seeks these kids out. Because they are darn smart. My daughter has a higher education and chose to use it to educate her children, it is not about the religion, it is about the learning of life. I without a doubt know that my 7 year old Grandson that requested to purchase chuckie cheese stock at the age of 4 would hear this guy speak and wouldn't even respond to the idicy, he would just shake his head in sadness that someone is so demented.He would most likely say- Mawmaw he needs to go to the head doctor.

    • although ur daughter has a higher education, not all home schooling parents do. since there is no standard of qualifications to home school ur children, there could easily b mixed results. as a society we cannot allow education to fall into the "mixed results" category. standardized learning needs to be supplemented with home learning, not b replaced by it.
      P.S. the military isnt know for attracting smart people. truly intelligent students attend universities, no boot camp

  2. You are an ass! I have two Bachelor's Degrees (Public Affairs and Diagnostic Imaging). I have chosen to homeschool my two youngest daughters, since my oldest was raped in eight grade. She was attending a influential middle school. Children re not socialized by being around kids their own age 10 hours a day, where they can be influenced by other students with sex, drugs, alcohol… If a parent chooses to homeschool their child(ren), he or she will be exposed to MUCH more, socially and intellectually, than any chile educated in public school. It is EXTREMELY narrowed minded to believe that public school is superior to homeschooling. Homeschooled children are much more well rounded in EVERY aspect of their lives.

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