Facebook Page ‘One Million Hijabs For Shaima Alawadi’ Created In Response To Murder

I guess this should not be a surprise in the age of social networking. A Facebook page has already been created in response to the murder of Shaima Alawadi.

A mother of 5 was at home when someone broke in, beat her to death with a tire iron and left a note saying “go back to your country, you terrorist.”

The community needs to reach out to that family and say, we love you, we welcome you, we feel your pain.

There should not be an outfit that screams “kill me!” Hoodie or hijab, this needs to stop.

Use hashtags #MillionHijabsMarch and #ShaimaAlawadi

Let the world know that this was an isolated fact and whoever did this started a chain of love instead of a chain of fear.

Get involved.

How long before President Obama comments on this?

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