NOW President Wants Limbaugh Fired Over Name Calling, But She Supports The Murder Of Baby Girls (Video)

I am not going to defend Rush Limbaugh’s remarks about Sandra Fluke, but I will put this in perspective since the President of the National Organization of Women wants him fired. From Newsbusters:

In the wake of Rush Limbaugh calling a Georgetown law student a “slut,” CNN hosted the president of the liberal National Organization for Women who called for Limbaugh to be fired, on Monday morning’s 10 a.m. hour of Newsroom. They did not give such a voice to supporters of conservative women last year when those women were under attack from liberals.

When liberal radio host Ed Schultz called Laura Ingraham a slut last May, CNN did not host the president of NOW to call for his termination at MSNBC. In fact, the network covered the outrage over Limbaugh’s smear of Sandra Fluke far more than Ed Schultz’s rant last May. A Nexis search revealed 35 hits for CNN’s coverage of Limbaugh’s “slut” remark since March 1, versus just four reports on Schultz in the week following his comment.

So what is worse in the feminist mind, calling a woman a mean name or advocating for the unrestrained killing of unborn baby girls? It appears that name calling is worse than murder, even if that means tolerating a gendercide in America. NOW and other feminists oppose any restrictions on abortion and that means they are willing to accept the murder of baby girls as a result, even newborn baby girls, since they support the infanticide tolerating President we currently have. So if anyone should be fired for causing harm to women it is the President of NOW.

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