Charles Johnson Uses Racist Slur To Describe Catholic Nuns; UPDATE: Johnson Replies And Linked By The Other McCain

In a stunning move of total hypocrisy a blogger has used the very word he accused Rush Limbaugh of using that was overtly racist. That blogger is one Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs. First, here is the post in which Johnson uses the word “uppity” to describe the Catholic Nuns that are under scrutiny by the Church. It is all in the headline: Vatican Cracks Down on Uppity US Nuns. Here is Johnson’s brief comment about it.

The Vatican is cracking down on American nuns who aren’t opposed to women’s rights and gay rights, which should surprise no one who’s been following the Catholic Church’s swing to the right.

Here is a screen shot just in case the headline suddenly changes.

But what is so wrong about the word “uppity. Does it not merely refer to one who is arrogant? Not in the mind of Johnson, this is really secret racist talk. He accused Rush Limbaugh of using the word instead of the one that starts with “N” in reference to Michelle Obama.

The day is approaching when Rush Limbaugh will dispense with the evasions entirely and start calling the Obamas by the word he really wants to use, the word that starts with an N.

Because this is no dog whistle, folks. This is outright, overt, in your face racism.

Johnson later went after Glenn Beck who did not criticize Limbaugh over the remark.

And now Glenn Beck is co-signing Rush Limbaugh’s racist slurs against the First Lady.

So what we have here is that Charles Johnson has used a racist slur against Catholic Nuns. By Johnson’s own standard and the way he attacked others for using “uppity” we now have proof that Johnson is really a racist. Johnson really should have just used the “N-word” because that is what “uppity” is just a substitute for. Since Johnson is so obsessed with pointing out the racism at other blogs, I thought it was appropriate to expose his own racism. Shameful.

Charles Johnson does a pathetic attempt at defending his usage of “uppity” and I respond to that here.

Also, thanks to The Other McCain for the link.

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