Christian Company ‘Thirty-One Gifts’ Funds Friends Of Planned Parenthood

I do not know how far to take this line of thinking. Can you really shop at any store for food or clothes without some of your money going to a place you do not like? Is working for a company that funds morally objectionable causes like abortion different from buying an item from them? What if they also fund adoption, does that change anything? Trying to keep money from going to Planned Parenthood is a worthy cause and it seems cutting the purse strings at the government levels is proving to be the most effective. In one case, however, we have the potential for morally compromised Christian company that is giving money to Planned Parenthood surrogates. From Life News:

It is said, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Is it? Or is it paved with justifications by Christians?

I recently posted some information that I found incredibly disappointing. I found out that a Christian company called “Thirty-One Gifts” is giving money to groups that fund Planned Parenthood. I asked the people on my page to contact the company and ask them to stop giving. As pro-lifers, we should always take the time to educate the public about links to the abortion industry. This was yet another opportunity.

For several hours, the posts were positive…”thank you for letting us know,” “I will be sure to send an email,” “this is a great opportunity to educate them about the abortion industry,” etc. Even consultants were coming on my page thanking me for this information. They were going to go back and get some answers. Great! That was the point of my post.

Then the bomb dropped. The “Thirty-One” all women’s mafia invaded my page. These all are Christian women who sell Thirty-One Gifts. However, based on their comments, you wouldn’t know they were Christians. One called me the devil. Several said that, as Christians, we should not be judging this organization (even though they are helping to fund abortion). Some wanted to know HOW MUCH money was given to Planned Parenthood by these organizations (as if that matters). And anyway, as most of them pointed out, Thirty-One Gifts does a lot of good…surely we can overlook this. A few of them came on my page to defend Planned Parenthood.

So, there it is. Christians defending the funding of abortion. Christians defending their own sinful actions. Christians defending sin. Why do we insist on justifying sin? Because that sin provides us income? Because that sin makes really cute purses? Because I don’t want sin to inconvenience me? Yes, probably all of those in this case.

Please understand that I never said to boycott Thirty-One Gifts. I simply wanted to give people the opportunity to contact this company and inform them where their money is going. Isn’t that what we should do? Shouldn’t we, as pro-lifers, want to do as much as we can to stop the funding of the abortion industry? Some of us do…apparently, some of us do not.

I know all about the justification of sin…I did it for 8 years. I would tell myself, “God doesn’t want women to die from illegal abortions, so working in the legal abortion industry must be the right thing to do.” Sometimes I would say, “We at Planned Parenthood do SO much good. Abortion is just a tiny percent of our business. You can’t let abortion overshadow the good that we do.” It went on and on…

Will they be helping to fund the legalization of gay marriage next?

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