Hilary Rosen Feels The Heat And Cancels Appearance On ‘Meet The Press’

Republicans have won this round of who is really at war with women. Hilary Rosen says she want to be a stay at home this weekend as she cancels her appearance on “Meet The Press”. From The Hill:

Hilary Rosen, the Democratic consultant who created a political firestorm with her comments about Ann Romney, on Friday canceled a planned appearance on “Meet the Press.”

The talk show teased an appearance by Rosen — who said Wednesday that Romney “hadn’t worked a day in her life” — on its website and on the “Today” show Friday morning but confirmed later in the day Rosen had canceled her appearance.

Democrats initially expressed outrage that Rosen would appear on the show, prolonging a story that has become a headache for an Obama reelection team that saw momentum with female voters reversed earlier this week when Republicans pounced on her comments.

Earlier, upon hearing the news that she was going on the show, one former Obama aide had a few choice words for Rosen. “I think it comes dangerously close to giving this silly story legs through the next week,” the former aide said. “This is not good. Not good at all.”

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