Joel Osteen Says Homosexuality Is A Sin On Fox News (Video)

A little credit to Joel Osteen here for sticking to his previous statement that homosexuality is a sin. From Think Progress:

Osteen reiterated his belief that “the scripture says that being gay is a sin,” telling Fox News’ Chris Wallace Monday morning, “my faith is based on what I believe the scripture says and that’s the way I read the scripture.” Asked if gay people are entitled to equal rights, Osteen insisted “I don’t think we should discriminate against anybody” before adding, “I am not for gay marriage.”

Now he just need to work on his stance on abortion and Mormons.

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One thought on “Joel Osteen Says Homosexuality Is A Sin On Fox News (Video)

  1. Why does no one make the distinction between the urge and the act? Having been celibate for 10 years (I am straight), I know life can be lived without sexual activity. God intended for marriage to be between one man and one woman, married to each other. All sex outside of that is sin.

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