Pastor Robert Jeffress Endorses Mitt Romney Now That There Is No Christian Alternative (Video)

There are some theological and political issues surrounding the Presidential candidacy of Mitt Romney. The main point of contention will resolve around Romney’s Mormonism, particularly if the narrative is allowed to be spun that a Mormon is essentially like a Baptist, just a Christian in another denomination. This is something I completely reject. This does not mean that President Obama, who professes to be a Christian, deserves your vote if you are a Christian. It can be argued that some of the most dangerous threats to Christians come from those inside the church professing to be a Christian. This exemplifies Obama and the agenda he is advocating. Pastor Robert Jeffress makes this point in an interview on Fox News.

The more theological issue is dealing with those or even Romney’s potential claim that he is essentially a Christian. He could very well be a better President and govern more in a more consistent way than Obama. But an attempt to cast himself as a Christian should be avoided. At least be honest and say they are two different religions. An atheist would not claim to be a Christian, nor should a Mormon. We will see how this plays out now that Romney is going to be the nominee.

HT: Hot Air

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2 thoughts on “Pastor Robert Jeffress Endorses Mitt Romney Now That There Is No Christian Alternative (Video)

  1. Yeah that's right. Ron Paul would be the best choice for Christians. I'm sure he hasn't been two-timing on his wife like Gingrich.

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