Charles Johnson Spins Feverishly Over Obama Was Born In Kenya Booklet News

Of course the Left Wing blogosophere is spinning feverishly to minimize the impact of the Breitbart article that has President Obama’s birth place as Kenya. One such blog is Little Green Footballs. First there was the attempt to minimize the news by going on the attack.


Here’s what they “vetted” this time: a promotional booklet written and produced by a literary agency in 1991, not intended for public distribution, that incorrectly states Barack Obama was “born in Kenya.”

Pollak sanctimoniously invokes the name of their departed founder in an intro that says, “This isn’t a Birther article, folks, no matter how much it looks like one. (Wink, wink.)”

There is then a statement by the literary agent that made the error. Notice how Johnson fails to raise any remotely serious questions about this.

Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire got a statement from the literary agent who produced the promotional booklet that was the subject of’s EXCLUSIVE BOMBSHELL VETTING post today…Somehow, I doubt that’s going to have much effect on the unstoppable Birthers.

That’s it? No questions about how such a mistake was made? I posed a few earlier, maybe Johnson and his curiously incurious readers might answer them.

Really? Are you trying to have us believe that you did not see Obama’s biography? Obviously his living overseas had to be known. I would think part of an author’s appeal is their history and place of birth would play into that. No question about to clarify the timeline was ever asked? Sorry, not buying it. If there was nothing to suggest that Obama was born in Kenya than why the assumption?

There is a follow up article at Breitbart that shows Obama’s birth place listed as Kenya up until 2007, well after Obama was a national figure. So much for the claims by Charles Johnson.

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One thought on “Charles Johnson Spins Feverishly Over Obama Was Born In Kenya Booklet News

  1. Obama’s Lawyers Admit Birth Certificate is Fake!

    Obama’s Lawyer Admits Birth Certificate is FAKE, & Birthers target Mitt Romney

    Which would explain why the GOP does not want to go after the birther issue since Romney is in the same boat as Obama.

    The issue is not if Obama was born in the US, but as the Judge said if he is a natural born.

    “A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN is one who is born in the country that both parents are and your parents must BOTH BE CITIZENS.”


    Jeremiah Wright hints that Obama did not renounce Islam
    OOPS?? Again??

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