Timeline Of Florida Cannibal’s Attack On Ronald Poppo (Video)

A condensed version of a rooftop video that captures the horrific attack by Rudy Eugene has been released. From the Miami Herald:

The video timestamp begins at 13:54 — 1:54 p.m. It’s a sunny day. Palm trees wave. Cars zip by on the causeway. The Herald parking lot sits empty. There is a person sitting in the corner of the video, near the walkway along the causeway.

13:54:49: The attacker, later identified as Rudy Eugene, staggers up to the man on the walkway, later identified as Ronald Poppo.

13:54:56: The encounter starts. A second later, a bicyclist rides by.

13:55:00: The attacker bends down. Shadows bob and weave. The attacker leans over the victim. Shadows and palm trees hide most of the view.

13:56:55: The Metromover goes by.

13:57:22: The attacker gets up and moves. A few seconds later, he rolls the victim down the walkway and continues pulling and kicking the him for several seconds.

13:57:47: The attacker stands over him and gets down on his knees, straddling the victim’s head. He seems to tug at the victim. The attacker starts punching the victim.

13:58:23: The attacker shifts the victim’s position, moving him over. He still straddles the victim and leans into him with his face. For several minutes, he comes up then leans forward and down into the victim.

13:59:37: The attacker stands up, grabs the victim and drags him further down the walkway. He drops the victim, walks around and tugs at the victim’s legs, trying to pull at something. The movement is hidden behind shadows and palm trees. But the two figures can be made out, one on the ground, the other leaning over him.

14:03:19: A second bicyclist rides by, slowing down as the bicycle nears where the attack is happening. A white car passes by and slows down, crawling by the attack scene. The bicyclist zips away, then turns around and comes back. The car moves on.

14:10:56: A third person with a bicycle walks by. A few seconds later, he gets on the bike and rides away.

14:11:28: A police car between the Herald parking lot and the Arsht Center moves toward the attack scene. It starts to get on the MacArthur Causeway but in the wrong direction.

14:11:47: Another bicyclist goes by.

14:11:58: The police car makes a U-turn and moves toward the attack scene.

14:12:06: A fourth bicyclist stops, then keeps going.

14:13:13: The police car arrives on the scene, driving the wrong way on the offramp. The officer gets out of the vehicle and walks around on the side of his car.

14:13:27: The officer draws his gun. The view of the shooting of the blocked by the Metromover track.

14:14:28: More police cars arrive.

14:15:20: The security camera zooms in on the attack scene.

14:16:16: The victim moves his legs

14:19:44: The victim sits up. His hands and legs are covered in blood. He’s naked from the waist down. The attacker’s legs are view on the ground, but there is no movement.

14:22:50: Three paramedics appear and hop over the concrete barrier with a stretcher.

14:23:40: Paramedics drag the victim onto the stretcher.

14:24:07: The victim moves his arms and touches his head.

14:24:23: Paramedics unfold a neck brace and put it on Poppo.

Why did no one help Poppo? There are at least four people that had the opportunity.

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