Last Known Picture Of Ronald Poppo Weeks Before Cannibal Attack

As aspiring photographer may have captured what Ronald Poppo’s face looked like just weeks before most of it was eaten off by Rudy Eugene. From CBS Miami:

As Ronald Poppo, the homeless victim in the brutal MacArthur Causeway cannibal-style attack, continues to fight for his life at Jackson Memorial Hospital, an aspiring young photographer is remembering how Poppo looked before he was viciously mauled.

Nicholas Carlesi captured what may have been one of the last photos of Ronald Poppo before most of his face was chewed off.

The close-up snapshot, edited in black and white, shows 65-year-old Poppo’s face back in April.

“All he said was ‘yeah, you can take a picture’,” Carlesi said. “He smiled, and said, ‘all right, no problem man’. Then he left.”

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