Liberal Cries After Scott Walker Crushes Democrats In Wisconsin (Video)

This guy was definitely educated by union teachers. His whole view of the world, history and reality is clearly twisted if he thinks it is the end of Democracy. At least full on Leftist teachers. There are those few good teachers out there that have not been indoctrinated by the Left who actually teach truth, not Liberal propaganda. My wife was one of them.

HT: The Blaze

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6 thoughts on “Liberal Cries After Scott Walker Crushes Democrats In Wisconsin (Video)

  1. Interesting, so a democratic vote is the end of democracy because they got outspent? Not sure how that works…

    If voters are convinced by the amount of money people use on campaigns and not by the actual issue at hand doesn't that mean that the voters need to be more educated. Or maybe these voters were educated on the issue and they voted for what the majority thought was best.

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