Jezebel: Only Naive And Easily Manipulated Women Become Mothers

Want a window into how pro-abortion feminists and Liberals view women who make the choice to keep their baby? Jezebel offers us this insight with a reaction to a court decision that helps keep Crisis Pregnancy Centers open.

The end goal of every single one of the thousands of faith-based non-profit crisis pregnancy centers across the country is to convince pregnant women not to get abortions, often through disseminating false medical information (abortion causes breast cancer/suicide/ZOMBIES) and high-pressure counseling. (Jesus died so you could have this baby, didn’t you know?)

The fact that there are more than five times as many CPCs in the U.S. as there are abortion clinics is already about a 1,000 on the 1-to-infuriating scale, but to make matters worse, many centers try and deceive women into coming into their offices by being purposefully vague about the types of services they offer or whether they are medically licensed. (The majority are not.)

Seems wrong, right? Some cities think so, too, and have tried their best to legally mandate that CPCs post signage that makes it clear that they do not provide or refer for abortions and contraception. But the centers keep challenging these laws and, bizarrely, keep winning on the basis of free speech, despite evidence that they’re trying to trick potential clients.

Another Liberal website, Think Progress, sharpens the point even more about how easily manipulated these poor naive women are.

Centers often masquerade as abortion consultation facilities — they lure in women who are pregnant and terrified, and then often try to convince them not to get the procedure.

These poor defenseless women, who will likely never hear the truth about their unborn baby except from a CPC, are not thinking for themselves if they make a choice to keep their baby. See, the only choice that the feminists want is the one that ends in the death of the unborn baby. Only a smart woman is capable of making that choice. Smart women making the choice for gendercide on a regular basis, how enlightened.

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