Support ‘National Eat At Chick-Fil-A Day’ July 25 And August 1 (Send Me Pictures)

There might be some confusion out there about when there is a “National Eat At Chick-Fil-A Day”. There was apparently a Facebook page calling for one today but now Mike Huckabee is saying it is August 1st. In either case, I will take my family there today and on the 1st. Please take a picture of your family there and send it to me. It would be great to get post a lot of pictures of families there supporting traditional families. Be creative as well, maybe make a poster for the picture. I will wait and see what kind of pictures I get and post them late tomorrow or on August 1st. Remember, eat more chicken! Let Liberals know that we will not be bullied by them not matter what kind of ridiculous names they call us.

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2 thoughts on “Support ‘National Eat At Chick-Fil-A Day’ July 25 And August 1 (Send Me Pictures)

  1. Yes, I will scrape up some coin and make a purchase regardless of what the Muppetts say, regardless of what Denzel, Sean, Oprah, or any of those Left Wing Loonies say.

    I have never entered the "fray" of Homosexuality rights etc…..until Now!
    What ever happened to our Freedom of Speech? Where did our Rights go? Diversity my Ass!

    Leo of Rockford
    Semper Fidelis
    1970-1981 USMC
    2001-2004 California Army National Guard

    Freedom is NOT Free!

  2. I have fast food about once or twice a year. Since I found out about this I've been to Chick-fil-A twice and will go there again on August 1st.

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