Adam Smith The Chick-Fil-A Bully Issues An Apology To Rachel; Find Him A Job (Video)

The man behind the now infamous Chick-Fil-A drive-thru video has made a follow up apology video to the girl he berated.

I do not think Adam Smith should have lost his job over this. What is worse is those sending him hate mail, essentially doing the same thing to him. We can disagree on issue and still act civilized towards each other, he seems to realize he biffed it up pretty good. Conservatives should not be cheering this guy losing his job, in fact, I hope someone hires him and quickly.

HT: The Blaze

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3 thoughts on “Adam Smith The Chick-Fil-A Bully Issues An Apology To Rachel; Find Him A Job (Video)

  1. By uploading the video to Youtube, the "gentleman" brought disgrace on those associated with him, including his company. If he were not in a position of responsibility at his company, it wouldn't have been such a big deal, but I understand that he was a CFO, so no, the company was right to terminate him.
    Those sending him hate mail however are behaving even MORE like jerks than he did.
    You don't kick a man when he is down.

  2. Using an apology as a platform to promote his ideology is just flat despicable. And he doesn't even get that. The Left is so consumed with its own confidence in its self-evident correctness and legitimacy that it cannot understand decent human integrity.

    The whole video comes across as just a tad too glib. And I wonder if that young lady really wanted yet another public video drawing attention to her after all this.

    As to losing his job: Do you have a job? Would your employer let you get away with 1) showing yourself to be a low-class, common bully and 2) making it way too easy to associate your sorry self with your employer?

    The man was a top executive. Imagine how in all future dealings with staff, business associates, company clients, there would be that moment in the meeting of recognition: "Oh … you're the guy who …"

    Companies don't need that kind of ongoing distraction. If he had been a janitor or a bookkeeper squirreled away in a cubicle, maybe he keeps his job. But many companies — do you work for one? — have clearly stated clauses that if you bring shame on your employer, you are out.

    Integrity matters, and more than ever, "private" acts are not really private, especially when you go out of your way to make them public.

  3. I agree completely with Kris. His behavior was inappropriate for an adult, a man and a high level executive. He brought the company he worked for into the spotlight, and now I will unfortunately always associate it with this man's actions. I will also remember that the co. took appropriate action to clear their name and restore their reputation.

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