China Doing To Muslims in Xinjiang What Obama And Democrats Doing To Christians In America

Apparently President Obama idolizes Communist China so much that it goes beyond trying to implement a similar high speed rail system. Even a rising Democrat Party star recently praised China in a campaign ad. A similar policy of mandating that religious people violate their faith may be a deeper and more troubling parallel. We can see this in Xinjiang where Muslims are being forced to violate their faith.

The mostly Muslim Uighur population of China’s far-western province of Xinjiang has never had it particularly easy when it comes to practicing its faith. Under Mao Zedong, when religion was essentially forbidden throughout China, the state would go to extremes to suppress Islam—like force-feeding candy to Muslim school children to make them break their Ramadan fasts.

The bad old days of repression may now be coming back strong. Concerned about ethnic “splittism”, Beijing is increasingly resorting to tactics—some new, some old—to make it difficult for Uighurs to live out their faith:

Last year, the authorities started forcing low-income families to agree to abandon some Muslim traditions in exchange for social security payments. Forms posted on the internet show that some women signed a pledge not to wear the veil and not to receive veil-wearing guests in their homes, in exchange for receiving low-income subsidies for their families.

One middle school in Aksu, a city on the northern rim of the Taklamakan desert which has seen deadly sectarian violence in recent years, said it would step up propaganda for national unity and against “ethnic splittism” and ensure that “no teachers or students attend any religious activities” during Ramadan.

This is not a sign that China knows what it’s doing in Xinjiang.

Banning fasting and other Islamic practices is not going to build much support for Beijing’s rule in this restive province, which as recently as July 2009 saw racial riots that claimed almost 200 lives…

Does the ObamaCare mandate ring a bell or how about Obama’s recent evolution on gay marriage? This is just a matter of degree. Obama and the Communist Chinese have a similar goal in all this; force people of faith to make the State their god and to punish those who resist.

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