Liberal Bully Harasses Chick-Fil-A Employee In Drive-Thru (Video); UPDATE: Bully Fired

Liberals harass people at their homes and where they work. They are so tolerant. Here is a guy harassing a woman working the drive-thru at a Chick-Fil-A.

Safe to say that this guy was outnumbered a few hundred thousand to one yesterday.



The guy has been fired. I am not sure this is the way to respond to this. This may be like the way gay activists are targeting Chick-Fil-A. People will lose their jobs because they do not like the CEO’s view on gay marriage. I do not like what this guy did but I do not want him to lose his job over it. We all know he is a putz and that is good enough for me. No one will be able to talk to each other for fear of offending someone, maybe not even in the conversation.

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11 thoughts on “Liberal Bully Harasses Chick-Fil-A Employee In Drive-Thru (Video); UPDATE: Bully Fired

  1. Whoever this guy is, he is ignorant of the truth. He should avoid going to Chick-fil-A if he disagrees with their policies. Also, here is an important point: What or who gives this guy the right to be the arbiter of what is considered hate or not? Nothing or no one!! Have you ever heard the saying, "One man's trash is another man's treasure" ? So, that which one man considers hate, is considered by another man, free expression of his ideas.

    What makes one man's standard, or view, correct, and another man's view incorrect? Who decides? Liberals actually hate this, but there has to be an ultimate standard by which Truth is determined. There are only two choices, God's view, versus any and every other view. Why is this? God has claimed exclusivity, and His WORD explains that to us. Other views may claim exclusivity, but if their views are not in accordance with the WORD of God, then they are automatically in the "other" category by definition. Only Yahweh God has proven His claim; He has done this by raising His one-and-only Son from the dead. In fact, the Resurrection of Yahshua, is the best attested to fact of history. [See "Evidence that Demands a Verdict' by Josh Mcdowell] There are a lot of reasons why this is true, but they can discussed at another time. Thus, there are only two worldviews: God's view, and then every other or man's view.

    Currently, the "evolutionary" or evolution-based worldview appears to be dominant among the other views that are standing in opposition to the WORD of God. Clearly, IF the evolutionary view were correct, then there is no ultimate Truth, and thus any one man's view would be equally valid as any other man's view. What is right or wrong would then be determined by "might makes right." This necessarily leads to anarchy at the first, and eventually, dictatorship. One example of this is Hitler's Germany; another is Marxist Russia. These examples are basically distilled down to: "This is my view, and you must accept it or else I will kill you because my worldview allows, nay even demands that you conform, and murder of opponents is legal in my worldview." This is what we see today, with leftist groups calling for the death of Christians, because the Christian view does not conform to what the left believes (yes, and some Liberals are not even trying to hide their desire to put Christians to death.) Catholicism, practiced this view right up on through the years, including the Inquisition, and perhaps even afterward. To their shame, some Protestants have also participated. But real Christians, Bible-believing Christians do not ever do this.

    While it is not absolutely necessary, one should read Bible, from Genesis thru Revelation, in order to understand the Christian worldview. I suggest that one begin with the Gospel of John.

    This is a lot to understand, for now.

    • Welcome back! First off, evolution is not meant to be some moral authority on how humans ought to behave. Evolution is just a way of explaining propagation of the spiecies through natural selection by way of sexual selection. This has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not you're a good person. I would leave Christianity to answer the questions about right and wrong and leave science to answer the questions about evolution and DNA. No need to combine the two or pit them against each other.

  2. I agree. He was a bully. If he has an issue with the company then he needs to take it up with the corporate office not harrass a high school student. Well, most of the ones that work at the one here are high school students.

  3. THis MAN IS A SERIOUS PUSSY, GIVE US YOUR NAME ASSHOLE. OR CONTINUE TO GO INTO HIDING LIKE YOU KNEW TO! WHy would you harass an innocent employee, just trying to do her job? YOU ARE LUCKY she had enough grace and control and did not smack you with a chicken sandwich. You certainly are "purposeful" by removing the video you big coward. Congradulations….your purpose was to be a dick, because now EVERYONE who saw your video ACTUALLY HATES YOU YOU IDIOTIC BULLY.

  4. 1st I'd like to make it clear that I love chick-fil-a & this guy was a DUMB asshole.

    That being said, the funniest part of the video was him making sure that he clarified that he wasn't gay! haha By saying that, he's the one who looks like a homophobe… which is exactly what he was busy accusing her & Chick-fil-a of being! iiiiirrrrrrroooonnnnny

    Please tell me somebody else picked up on that! lol

  5. What an idiot! What a big man to spew his ignorance out on a high school student. What did that accomplish? Are you an adult or what? Adam Smith have you not read the Constitution? How about freedom of speech or freedom of religion…ring a bell? Also, It's not necessarily "hate" to simply have a different opinion than that of you or Rahm!

  6. The bully wimp is gay or he wouldnt have got his panties all knotted up like he did.And I am glad he got fired.Its hard to beieve that he WAS a ceo…..

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