Informing People In Ohio And Wisconsin About Voting Laws Is Really ‘Voter Suppression’ According To Liberals (Video)

Sometimes you just have to shake your head. I am not sure if disbelief is the right or not. But when a billboard that warns people about voting fraud is attacked and made to come down, something has gone seriously wrong. From The Blaze:

One hundred and forty billboards in the swing states of Wisconsin and Ohio are slated to be taken down after the company behind them determined that the group behind them violated its policy on political-themed ads by remaining anonymous.

The billboards featured a large gavel with the words “Voter Fraud is a Felony,” and then noting the punishment. Critics say they were meant as “voter suppression” because the signs mainly went up in minority communities.

“This billboard is nothing but a symbol of pure, unadulterated voter suppression to target an African American community,” Ohio Sate Senator Nina Turner told WEWS-TV earlier this month.

The group that financed this should have put their name on it to avoid this. But I doubt that would have stopped the attempt to get the billboards taken down.

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