White 12 Year Old Autumn Pasquale Killed By Black Teen Brothers; A Hate Crime? (Video)

Just imagine for a moment that two white teenage boys had just killed a black 12 year old girl. What do you think the media reaction and interpretation of the horrific crime would be? Dare I say charges of racism would be flying about. But when a white 12 year old girl is killed by two black teenage brothers is there a difference? From FanDaily:

Autumn Pasquale was found inside a blue recycle bin at Clayton not far from her home, her white BMX was found inside a house owned by Anita Saunders next to the recycle bin, but it wasn’t Mrs. Saunders the one responsible for Autumn’s death but two of her teenage sons Dante and Justin Robinson.

Dante Robinson Justin Robinson Autumn Pasquale killer pics

12-year-old Autumn Pasquale died by blunt force trauma and strangulation, her killers were two teenage boys who she knew even was friends with one of then on Facebook

According to police, 15-year-old Justin Robinson lured Autumn inside his home at 300 block of East Clayton Avenue with promises of giving her parts for her white Odyssey BMX bike which she adored and what Justin and her 17-year-old brother were into according to friends.

Once inside Justin strangled the girl and his brother helped him until there was no more life inside her, they them disposed her body in the blue recycle bin at the neighbors’ house.

But it was Anita the boys’ mother who noticed suspicious messages on Justin Facebook wall, it was her who forced them to turned themselves to police, both are been charges with first degree murder as juveniles and they are been held without bond at a juvenile prison.

The act is evil regardless of the race or gender of the victim and the criminals who did it. I applaud the mother for turning these boys in, that must have been a difficult decision. I wonder if an earlier intervention in these boys lives would have turned out differently and Autumn Pasquale would still be alive. And, yes, the world view that justifies abortion does play a part in this.

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8 thoughts on “White 12 Year Old Autumn Pasquale Killed By Black Teen Brothers; A Hate Crime? (Video)

  1. I want to thank you for posting this! Interstingly enough, after this horrible murder happened my husband said to me this is the same mentality that goes along with abortion the killing of the innocent unborn. I then said to him that if this were 2 white teens that killed a black 12 year old there would be an uproar! The bottom line is these are all evil actions, no matter who performs them! I guess we can say most abortionist are white and they are throwing children in the garbage every single day…..thousands of times a day! My heart breaks for this beautiful young lady's family. I have been thinking of them all non stop! I am a mother of 4 children and I COULD NOT imagine what this is like for them. The one comforting thing is picturing Autumn in Jesus' arms with a smile on her pretty face! May God Bless her family and her loved ones. St. Michael the Archangel defend us in battle against all evil!

  2. When I imagine a 12 year old black girl killed by 2 white boys, I don't imagine there would have been an arrest as quickly as there was in this case. And, I don't imagine the mother forcing the 2 boys to turn themselves in or reporting her sons to the police.

    This is an horrific event that has nothing to do with race. I'm sorry for the mother of Autumn and thankful the mother was decent enough to turn in her own sons so that justice can be done.

    God bless both families and I pray Autumn is in the arms of God and her previous family members who are no longer alive. I pray that she is comforted and that she may rest in peace.

    • Oh Please stop with that liberal brainwash crap. What would you imagine if the races were reversed? Nothing? I imagine Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton being all over every major news network. Entire nightly news shows devoted to this crime. People marching in the street against racism. The girl would probably even be on the cover of major magazines in the supermarket.

      Sad how you only consider it racist if it's done by a white person. But that's how the media has programmed you to think. Sad that such a tragedy barely makes the national news.

  3. For those of you who want to help put an end to the double standard racism so rampant in this country, a good place to start is making sure no courses such as "Diversity in America – Critical Race Theory – White Privilege- are being taught in any school supported with tax dollars. The curriculum was developed at least in part by Tim Wise. I linked to this blog from his website. His devisive, racist, anti constitutional filth should not be allowed near our precious children, no matter WHAT race they are.

  4. President 0bama is moving 'FORWARD' with rules to ensure that EVERYONE lives on a street with murderers like these. THIS is his 'civilian national security force'. Watch your kids. 0bama wants them dead.

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