A Review Of ‘Hating Breitbart’; Obama Won Using The Politics Of Personal Destruction (Video)

We can play the blame Romney game and shake our heads over the fact that John McCain got more votes in 2008 and had that number voted for Romney he would have won. There is also the turn out the vote fiasco called ORCA. But what it really comes down to is that Mitt Romney and the Republicans thought they could ignore the masterful use of the politics of personal destruction by the Democrats. I even forgot how effective this has become and thought it was going to backfire when President Obama mocked Romney’s intelligence and accused him of taking America backward.

And we had Vice President Joe Biden equating Republican policy with slavery.

Can you really work with someone who claims you want to bring slavery back? This is what Republicans, Conservatives, and Christians need to always remember. Heck, anyone who disagrees with the Liberal Totalitarian agenda of the Democrats ought to expect this. See, the politics of personal destruction necessitate that anyone who dares to disagree with the Liberal agenda is by default a bigot of some sort. Dare to disagree with Liberals on abortion and you are a misogynist. Dare to disagree with Liberals on gay marriage and you are a “homophobe”. Dare to disagree with Liberals on tax policy and you want to oppress the poor. Dare to disagree with with President Obama’s agenda and you are a racist.

In terms of how to combat this, Andrew Breitbart did some ground breaking work to fight the Liberal establishment. And for anyone still walking around dazed and confused over how President Obama got re-elected I highly recommend you go see “Hating Breitbart”.

This movie takes you behind the scenes with Breitbart as his videos exposing the Left broke. Some highlights are the ACORN tapes, the “N” word that was never said when John Lewis walked to the ObamaCare vote, and the controversy over Shirley Sherrod. You get a better sense of what Breitbart believed and how that motivated him to keep fighting. He understood the need to fight the institutionalized Left that controls the mainstream media and passes off their unyielding support for Democrats as objective journalism. One of the most insightful observations that come from Breitbart is when he talks about Liberals and how the are more interested in protecting Liberalism and essentially their power instead of black people. This was highlighted by comparing how the Left reacted to Clarence Thomas. Overall, this a a great movie that helps you get some key insight into who Andrew Breitbart was and I highly recommend you see this movie. For some more on what a Breitbart reaction would be to the tragedy of President Obama getting re-elected, check out Instapundit.

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