ACLU Wants To Force Library To Keep Children’s Book About Lesbian Mothers Available To Kindergartners

Here is a perfect example of why the gay right agenda and gay marriage in not simply about just letting people live their lives. It is about coercion and forced acceptance, not tolerance. If it was just about tolerance then gay activists and those who support them would not be seeking to expose children to homosexuality. From Life Site News:

The ACLU has filed a lawsuit to force a Utah school district to keep a lesbian advocacy book on elementary school library shelves.

In the Davis School District in Utah, children as young as kindergarten age can check out a homosexual propaganda book called In My Mothers’ House, about three adopted kids and their lesbian “mothers,” if their parents sign a permission slip.

The book was removed from shelves after another Windridge mother complained to school officials when her kindergartner brought it home. It is presently kept behind the counter.

This minor obstacle motivated the ACLU to seeking to force the school district to put the book back on its library shelves, making it available to all children without restriction.

The only person participating in the “class action” lawsuit is Tina Weber, whose children are enrolled at Windridge Elementary School in the district, the school at the center of the controversy over the book.

In Our Mothers’ House was added to libraries in five of the district’s 50 elementary schools after administrators learned that a Windridge Elementary student was being raised by lesbians.

After a kindergarten student brought it home, a group of concerned parents brought a petition to the school asking that the book be removed.

A seven-member parent-teacher committee decided that the book would remain in library collections, but should be kept behind the counter instead of on the shelves. They said the book did not comply with state law barring homosexual advocacy in school curriculum…

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14 thoughts on “ACLU Wants To Force Library To Keep Children’s Book About Lesbian Mothers Available To Kindergartners

  1. You are breathtakingly dishonest here Todd.

    No-one was being forced to get the book out. Rather, it is you and the mother who complained who are seeking to enforce your beliefs on everyone else.

    Shame on you for advocating totalitarian, Talibanesque theocracy here.

      • It's a book, Todd. And I think it's great that people are taking a stand against the library for wanting to throw it out. Why can't kids who have same-sex parents have literature that represents them. YOU don't have to read it. Your KIDS don't have to read it. You're doing just as much harm by forcing a Christian belief system on people. But because it's YOUR view point, it must be right. It makes my head hurt just thinking about how selfish and intolerant people have become. It's sad really. I don't even feel anger anymore, just pity.

        • You want to look to selfish and intolerant, check out the Democrat Party. I'm arguing against having this accessible to kindergärtners. What kind of sicko wants to expose five year olds to homosexuality? At least wait until sex ed in high school. But no, the intolerant Left must attack anyone who disagrees with them and resort to play ground bullying tactics like name calling. The Left are like the Borg from Star Trek, resistance to the collective must be destroyed.

          • Nonsense. What hogwash. Your diatribe is based on the assumption that your wacky religious beliefs must be enforced on the rest of us. You are entitled to your irrational prejudices but stop trying to impose your baseless intolerance on everyone else.

          • It's not your place to determine if this should be accessible to all kindergartners! If you don't want your kids to have access to it, that's all well and good. Don't you dare to assume what any other kid should have access to. If other parents want their kids to have access to the book, that's their decision, not yours!

            And cut the crap with the conservative 'holier than thou attitude.' I can site several instances where conservatives resort to "bullying tactics like name calling."

          • It's really sad that all you see when you look at this book is the Left "forcing" homosexuality on kids. If you'd actually open your eyes you'd see this book is about family. It's trying to show kids that all families are different and it's not just a mom, dad, and kids that make one. Families are about how the people in them treat and care for each other. That's the real message here. And I think that is a great message to send to children.

            It's not like you would open the book and find graphic images of people having sex. By you opposing this book you are just doing the same thing you claim the Left to be doing. Bullying people into following your beliefs. No one is saying you or your kids have to read it, Todd. But there are people out there who will and it's their RIGHT to have the literature available to them.

      • The coercion, bullying and intimidation comes from the mother who wanted the book removed from the library. She didn't need to get it out if she didn't want to. She is simply wanting to impose her theocratic beliefs on others. As do you. As did the Inquisition. As do the Taliban.

        Your representation of this is utterly dishonest.

          • If it were pornographic or discriminatory perhaps. But to judge it from it's cover, it looks like a wholesome affirmation that some families have two moms or dads.

            You probably say that that is a bad thing. Your problem is that this analysis is based ONLY on your religious beliefs. We should no more accept your religion as a basis for morality than we should use scientology, astrology or Irish mythology as a basis for morality.

  2. When I go the library I never check out books I don't like after first reviewing. Stupid me for assuming that other people would do the same.

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