Elmo Accuser Takes Back Recant Of Underage Sexual Relationship; Says Really Did Happen

Well the twists and turns keep coming for the voice of PBS’ “Elmo”. There was the accusation and then it was recanted. Now the allegation is back on. From the NY Daily News:

Elmo’s accuser wants to take it all back…again.

Sheldon Stephens, the man who accused Sesame Street puppeteer and voice of Elmo Kevin Clash of having a sexual affair with him when he was 16 but later recanted the claim, now says he stands by his original story and wants to return the settlement money, TMZ reported.

Stephens, now 23, received $125,000 as part of a settlement last week that included a written statement saying he and Clash engaged in an “adult consensual relationship.”

Clash confirmed he and Stephens were once lovers, but never when Stephens was a minor.

The one-time wannbe model insists he was pressured into the settlement and says his original story is true, TMZ reported.

I can imagine admitting you has sex with a much older man is not something one really wants to do, especially if one was underage at the time. There may be some emotional and mental drama playing out that would explain why Sheldon recanted and then took it back.

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