Liberalism Is A Racially Cleansed Version Of Nazism (Video)

The Liberal media, particularly Chris Matthews, are at it again. Using Nazi references when referring to Republicans, Conservatives, and Christians. Matthews has referred to those who oppose ObamaCare as “birth control Nazis“. Some even make the absurd claim that to be pro-life, to want to stop the unrestrained murder of black and Hispanic babies, is racist. At the same time we have seen it actually advocated by the Left that abortion is a way to cure diseases.

That is a page straight out of the eugenics playbook. But this Liberal form adopted by the Left is much more subtle and insidious than that of the Nazis. It is also appeals to a much wider audience. Instead of seeking to destroy a certain segment of the population like the Nazis did with the Jews, Liberals today have open the flood gates to include all of us. Liberals have adopted a racially cleansed version of Nazism, of eugenics. All of humanity is dehumanized under this new enlightened, open minded and tolerant version. This is how the Nazis who ran the concentration camps seem to have been just as happy as those who provide abortion and kill unborn babies. And yes the comparison is a valid one. For great evil is done when one’s humanity is denied.

Liberals kill in the name of reproduction justice and seek to force Catholics and other people of faith to acquiesce to their killing agenda by making it a mandate in health care legislation. Their oppression of the poor and the unborn is perversely masked by their supposed compassion for those in need. But their solution is to eliminate the problem. We should be very leery of anyone who wants to give the State more control over our lives. Particularly those who attack the only institutions that have the moral authority to check that power, namely, the Christian Church.

Liberalism and Christianity are incompatible and we are headed on a collision course between the two. Liberals devalue the individual life, wanting to collectivize it, while Christians see the individual as having intrinsic value because each of us is created in the image of God. If Liberals, Democrats, Progressives or whatever they want to call themselves are successful in implementing their collectivist agenda, as Arthur Koestler warned, there will be a darkness over the land. Do not let that happen.

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One thought on “Liberalism Is A Racially Cleansed Version Of Nazism (Video)

  1. Watched the clip,"volition", wow. Life is precious, we have 4 kids and 10 g'kids, w/ prob. more to come. And i can't imagine allowing anyone to kill any of them b/c "they "don't matter. God said how He knows us and our days from the minute of conception (Psalms) and one of the things God hates is shedding innocent blood (Prov. 6:16-18) Thank you for the reminder BCT. May God have mercy on our nation.

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