How To Fix Your Blog After The Getting The ‘Pharma Hack’ Even If Google Says It Is Fine?

I wondered last month if I had picked up a virus, I changed my password and have not had much time to look into until now. Apparently a “Pharm Hack” or virus seems like a common problem for websites and I think I have it. I did a recommended search “site: (viagra | cialis)” and the results were not good.

Viagra Search Hack

The problem is that Google is not registering a malware problem even though I have this and my blog traffic has plummeted as a result. I was averaging about 500-600 hits a day, now I am down to 150 and it still seems to be dropping.

Google Webmaster

I even found a website that will scan your blog for a problem and it still found nothing, even though they will charge $80 to fix it. I fee I am willing to pay but they could not diagnose it.

Hack Scan

So what are my options? I am going to contact my host provider and hopefully they will be able to help since this site recommended that. Not sure what I will do if I cannot fix this. Any suggestions will be appreciated. After four years of blogging, countless hours, and even thousands of dollars on this hobby, this may be the thing that ends my blogging on a regular basis. Not happy.

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2 thoughts on “How To Fix Your Blog After The Getting The ‘Pharma Hack’ Even If Google Says It Is Fine?

    • Thanks. I saw something similar when searching about it. Problem is the time it will take and my limited know how. Talked to my host provider and they thought it was in the old template I was using, so I deleted it and they did something on their end. Hopefully that helps.

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