Parents Claim Singing Christmas Songs In A Christmas Concert Is Bullying; Why Liberals Raise Sissy Boys

This story hits close to home since I use to live in Missoula, Montana. It is where I might my wife and went to college. Go Griz. We get this absurd news story from Missoula that parents are protesting the songs being sung at a Christmas musical in an elementary school. From the Missoulian:

A group of parents at Chief Charlo Elementary School are so upset over the selection of songs for the school’s holiday music program they are considering legal counsel.

The parents outlined their concerns in a letter sent to the superintendent of the Missoula County Public Schools district, stating, among many issues, they feel the programming is unfair, unconstitutional and is a form of bullying.

“With many of the children in our neighborhood up here being Jewish and Buddhist, as well as a few Muslim and atheist students, we were assured that this year it would be a secular program,” said the letter, which was signed by “concerned parents” but listed no individual names.

“One of the largest complaints last year were the young children singing about ‘their lord.’ This was concerning to many families and it was clear that several of the students were uncomfortable.”

The letter went on to say: “We have no problem with it being called a Christmas concert, it’s just the fact the material should be secular. Frosty the Snowman, Santa Claus, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. These are things that offend no one, but when the children are singing about their lord and savior, Jesus Christ … public school is not the place.”

When contacted for more information about the matter, two of the concerned parents said they did not want to publicly share their names, as they were concerned about their children and families being further ostracized or singled out…

Man this does push my buttons. What kind of effeminate, cannot handle things that make you uncomfortable, sissy culture are Liberals pushing on us? It seems to be one in which there is a new right to never be offended or having to feel uncomfortable about anything. And this now means that Christmas must be voided of Jesus Christ. Dare to have a Christmas concert at your school, fine, but do not sing any songs about Jesus or some Liberals will be so offended that they will threaten legal action. So just who is the bully again here? Seems like these whiny parents. I think this is just what the Democrats want since they are seeking to replace the Church with the State. A feeble, wimpy, sissy culture where there are no longer any real men serves only to empower the government, hence why the term “Big Brother” is so appropriate.

These are probably the same people that support the idea of raising a Princess Boy, or buying an Easy-Bake Oven for a boy, or a mom trying to sign up her son in the Girl Scouts, or calling someone sharing Jesus a spreader of hate. Raise boys to be boys with strong moral foundation so they can handle things that makes them feel uncomfortable, not ones that want an easy-bake oven. Part of being a man, or an adult, is being able to deal with what you do not like or accept. Whining about it to get your way is childish and teaches the wrong lesson. Is it any surprise that someone bent on killing a lot of people in mass shooting does not have much to worry about these days? Where are the men willing to charge, take a shot or two, and take down a shooter like Adam Lanza or whoever the next guy will be? The new head of the household is going to be Big Brother if trends continue and that will prove disastrous for America’s future and the future of liberty.

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2 thoughts on “Parents Claim Singing Christmas Songs In A Christmas Concert Is Bullying; Why Liberals Raise Sissy Boys

  1. I think you would have been upset if at any stage in your child's life, they were required to say "Allah is Great".

    What a sissy you must be.

    Seriously, have a blessed Christmas, both you personally and your wonderful family. We have had a great Christmas Day here in Japan, with New Zealand and Japanese extended family all together for a joyful, memorable day. Hope your day is similarly blessed.

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