S.E. Cupp Ignorantly Advises GOP To Embrace Gay Marriage (Video)

Fresh off the heals of someone else advising the Republicans to become pro-choice we have S.E. Cupp advising Republicans to embrace gay marriage. From The Blaze:

TheBlaze’s S.E. Cupp is advising the Republican party to get behind gay marriage once and for all. During MSNBC’s “The Cycle,” of which Cupp is a co-host, she said conservatism and gay rights, in theory, should be “natural allies” because conservatives want to keep the government out of people’s personal lives.

“There are parts of the Republican party in which gay marriage has already been decided,” Cupp said. “For Log Cabin Republicans like myself, the GOProud crowd, there are people who have already reconciled, within the party, gay marriage.”

She went on: “Conservatism and gay rights should be, in many people’s minds, natural allies — keeping the government out of private lives.”

But Cupp also said people should not mock or marginalize those, on the right or left, who have religious objections to the concept of same-sex marriage.

“They can have those points of view…I think, as a party, the GOP needs to get a little bit more tolerant about those issues. As a big tent party. Not personally. You can personally disagree with gay marriage if you want,” Cupp said.

I guess Cupp is totally ignorant about how gay rights are not compatible with the freedom of speech and the freedom of religion. Anywhere where gay rights are advocated or preference is given to their agenda, freedom suffers. In Canada a street preacher was verbally assaulted by gay activists and yet the police tell him he is promoting hate. At a university in Georgia, a student was told she had to go to diversity and sensitivity training in order to graduate. And if she did not “accept” homosexuality as normal she would not graduate. Chick-Fil-A was under assault because of the CEO’s statement about homosexuality. In the UK a Christian couple was told they could not adopt a child because of their view on homosexuality. The gay rights agenda is just like the ObamaCare mandate, freedom is destroyed as a result. Sure, if Cupp wants to destroy the Republican Party, go ahead and embrace gay marriage.

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2 thoughts on “S.E. Cupp Ignorantly Advises GOP To Embrace Gay Marriage (Video)

  1. You'll soon see the wisdom in my third party remarks. Hopefully for you it happens before another RINO is elected. I'm with Cupp though. The libertarian / fiscal one quarter just isn't going to get along with neo-con, foreign policy social conservative three quarters.

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