Why You Should Be “Missing Breitbart“:

What Breitbart understood, and what all too many establishment Republicans and even conservatives don’t, is that there is no accommodating the left, and there is no hope of receiving fair treatment from the left-dominated establishment press. The left is hellbent on fundamentally transforming the country into a socialist utopia which has never succeeded anywhere it has been tried, and the press is determined to help them do that. Folks, no matter what you do, they’re going to hate you (and hate is the right word). So you might as well do the right thing and follow your beliefs and principles (John “Plan B” Boehner, please note).

This country now has a government headed by the most radical president in U.S. history, one with the worst economic record since Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal extended the Great Depression by eight years. He nevertheless won reelection largely because his opponent conceded too much ground and wouldn’t fight hard enough for what remained.

Barack Obama and the left believe they have only just begun. Sensible, Constitution-anchored conservatives need to start acting as an army of Breitbarts.

No one knows the politics of personal destruction like the Left. Republicans better get this firmly planted in their minds. No amount of compromise will ever get Democrats to like them.

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  1. You would think that this would be as plain as day for Republicans to see and understa….Wait, it is! Republicans, like Boehner, are not trying to be liked by Democrats. They already are! They're trying to walk a tightrope with us to make us think they're fighting for us. We're the dupes in all this, this game they are playing. There is no other way to explain the "deals" that come out from behind closed doors. They're not debating the issue in these meetings. They're formulating the spin for the Republican voters, to come up with a plausible argument for the perceived cave-in.

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