We Need Universal Gun Ownership Not Health Care; Especially In Chicago

There is a major crisis that requires our attention and this is most evident in crime ridden Chicago. This past year the windy city broke the 500 mark for murders. The problem is the Liberal approach to gun control that only empowers the criminal and jeopardizes the safety of the law abiding citizen. The problem with the Liberal approach is that they take a failed policy and seek to nationalize it and and give it more money. Democrats might claim their goal is to save money as they did with ObamaCare, but that is just wishful thinking.

The real answer to saving health care costs, especially crime related costs in a Democrat controlled city like Chicago, is universal gun ownership not health care. A criminal who knows the city or state has banned certain types of guns, or made getting hand guns more difficult, or illegal will have no qualms about burglarizing residents is such place. Now imagine if you were a criminal and intent on invading a home knowing that in every home there is someone armed with a gun. I have a sneaking suspicion that home burglaries would dramatically drop or become nonexistent. Obvious exceptions would have to be made for those with mental problems for one. But think of all the medical savings universal gun ownership would result in. Would you do a drive by in a neighborhood knowing that everyone in eyesight might have a gun within reach and would return fire on a moments notice? Clearly, the right approach to this issue is to do the exact opposite of what the Democrats propose. Just think of how much the crime rate would drop across the country.

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