Looks Like Conservatives At Hot Air Cannot Stop Talking About Supporting Gay Marriage: This is a dangerous path to go down. The worst part is that they cannot even see the obvious parallel to ObamaCare, it is just a mandate of a different kind. Where has the embrace of gay rights proven to be compatible with the freedom of speech and religion? Simple, it has not.

The problem of course is that the embrace of the gay rights agenda is not compatible with freedom. This does not work in Canada. This work at the university level. This does not work in the UK. Any Republican flirting with this nonsense needs to realize that they are essentially embracing the ObamaCare mandate on a social issue. You will be forced to accept and promote homosexuality just as health care providers will be forced to promote abortion. Pursue this course and destroy the Republican Party. We social Conservatives will stay home on election night if we have no options on the social issues and freedom will lose in the end.

RIP GOP if you go down this path.

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  1. Oh come on. It wont be that bad. It will all be forgotten by next year this time just like the Chick-filet incident. The Republican party survived the Civil Rights act when businesses were forced to serve people lunch when they did want to so I'm sure they will survive this. Given how fast social changes happen in the modern digital age,it probably is a good idea to voice support for it rather that be dragged along kicking and screaming like some old Dixiecrat.

    • Big difference between Civil Rights act and the promotion of homosexuality under the guise of it. This will decimate the GOP if all us social Conservatives stay home, about 1/3 of the base or more I think. Sorry, when the GOP embraces a position held by Obama, Barney Frank, Barbara Boxer, and Nancy Pelosi it will not be good. What's next abortion?

      • Oh come on (again!) Lyndon Johnson's support of Civil Rights turned the "solid south" from blue to red. I can't see Republicans going from red to blue over this issue in revolt. If the 1/3 do stay home then Hillary Clinton wins anway. So my question is, what choice do you have? For nearly two years I've been screaming third party and you have poo hooed on that. Maybe now you are beginning to see the wisdom of my ways? Third pary or stay home and let Hillary win? The winds of change are blowing with or without you.

  2. It's actually good to see so many members of the GOP acting with real integrity and speaking out for the civil rights of gay people.

    I am not a US citizen, so can't vote. But if I were, I could see myself switching support and voting for a conservative candidate who stood for real freedom instead of just paying lip service to it. I am sure many US citizens would feel the same way.

    Christie for President 2016.

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