Ann Coulter On How If Liberals Want To Be Consistent About The Nanny State They Need To Tax Things Associated With The Gay Lifestyle:

Also, if Liberals were truly concerned about the health risks of certain behaviors, then they would not be hell bent on normalizing homosexuality. Gay men are about 44 times more likely to get HIV/AIDS than other men. And do not kid yourselves about how this is for the public good, this is about power. The power to control every aspect of your life.

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  1. Your stupid "44 times more" argument has been debunked countless times here on BCP.

    But I live in hope that you can grow as a thinker and communicator and as a human being.

    Try to at least grasp this point: Your bleating about gay men being "44 times more likely to contract HIV" is meaningless without you saying what the actual rate is. Statistically, there may be 44 gay men with HIV and 1 straight man with HIV. Give us the facts. Don't give us your distortions. What is the number?

    • Ah, I see. You don't understand the statistics, or have deliberately chosen to obfuscate them. Because you seem so obtuse, I will put this in terms you can understand. According to the statistics in your last post, it is possible that there were 2 new cases of HIV/AIDS this year and one of those infected was gay.

      What you have quoted here is meaningless. To have any basis for discussion or rational argument, what you need to do is to establish HOW MANY new cases of HIV/AIDS there are. Then say WHAT PERCENTAGE of the gay population has been infected.

      Of course, that will leave you with millions and millions of gay people NOT infected by HIV. It will also highlight the flaw that debunks your whole argument. Lesbian women are far less likely to be infected with HIV than straight women. "Way out of proportion."

      Your one non-religious argument against allowing gay rights is specious beyond words. And in your case, numbers.

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