Gay Activist Bullies Protest Tim Tebow Speaking At Liberty University

Who are the real bullies in America these days? From the Christian Post:

NY Jets quarterback Tim Tebow is facing criticism yet again for his choice of speaking engagements, just weeks after canceling his scheduled appearance at First Baptist Church of Dallas with Pastor Robert Jeffress.
Tebow’s speaking engagements have made for a lot of news stories in recent months – he was criticized last month by a number of liberal sources that described Pastor Jeffress as an anti-gay preacher who was also anti-Mormon and anti-Semitic. Jeffress explained that he was not teaching people to hate anyone, but Tebow still decided to cancel his appearance after “new information” was made available to him.
Some conservative commentators said that the quarterback, one of the most popular Christian sports figures in recent times, did the wrong thing by listening to the media and backing down from the appearance in Texas.
Now, many are pointing out that Tebow’s upcoming speech at Liberty University in Virginia on March 8 is equally controversial.
As one of the largest Christian universities in the world, founded in 1971 by televangelist and Southern Baptist leader Jerry Falwell, Liberty holds itself to a strict code of conduct that bans non-marital sexual relations, “or the encouragement or advocacy of any form of sexual behavior that would undermine the Christian identity or faith mission of the University.”
The university has also been described as holding “anti-gay” views for their traditional stance on marriage that seeks to preserve marriage between one man and one woman.
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A petition protesting Tebow’s appearance has already garnered over 10,000 signatures…

Dare to question Liberal Dogma on social issues and be prepared to face all kinds of intimidating tactics from Leftist bullies.

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9 thoughts on “Gay Activist Bullies Protest Tim Tebow Speaking At Liberty University

      • A petition isn't bullying. That is freedom of speech itself. By labeling a petition "bullying" it is you who is decrying freedom of speech.

        That is not surprising, coming from you as someone who values theocracy over freedom and liberty.

          • You have shown nothing of the kind.

            NOT ONCE have you been able to show how allowing gay marriage would impinge on your liberty in any way.

          • Then you are living in denial. Gay marriage is central to the gay rights agenda and that is were the assault on liberty comes from. In Canada:

            In the UK:

            In America:

            Democrats/Liberals turn taking a moral stand against homosexuality into a thought crime, into "hate speech" and that is an assault on liberty.

          • None of those links have anything to do with gay marriage, Todd. Are you sure you have linked to the right posts?

            In this day and age, when so much is filmed and then put on the internet you have to be incredibly dishonest (which you indeed are!) to post scenes of angry gay rights supporters swearing or yelling, and then say that represents all of us. It would be like me saying the Phelps family represents you, or culling some quotes I see in the comments on Breitbart, and saying that those people who make obscene comments are exactly the same as you.

            Ted Nugent uses ghastly slurs and foul language, imagey of sexual violence in attacking Obama and Hillary Clinton. Would it be fair to tar you with the same brush?

          • So at the end of the day, NONE of the links you just posted suggest that IN ANY WAY giving gay people the right to marry will affect your liberty.

            You have been caught in a lie here, Todd. It s not too late to repent.

          • You might need to get your eyes checked then. The thought police go hand in hand with the gay rights agenda and gay marriage is central to that cause. Wake up.

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