5 Ways That Planned Parenthood Is Different From Kermit Gosnell:

  1. In abortions after the first trimester, Planned Parenthood physicians never “snip the necks” of babies outside the womb. We take great care to make sure that the snipping happens inside the birth canal moments before birth, not after.
  2. Unlike Gosnell’s clinic, Planned Parenthood clinics do not have jars of baby parts or toilets overflowing with fetal remains. We make sure that the fetuses we dismember and extract from the womb are placed in sanitary medical bags and properly disposed of.
  3. Unlike Gosnell’s clinic, Planned Parenthood does not pressure women into having abortions. At the same time, we oppose all legislation requiring a woman to see an ultrasound, because seeing the heartbeat and face of the fetus might cause her to question her right to choose.
  4. Unlike Gosnell’s clinic, Planned Parenthood does not target vulnerable women from minority populations. The fact that most of our clinics are in the inner city and the largest percentage of abortions comes from minority groups has nothing to do with our business model.
  5. Unlike Dr. Gosnell, Planned Parenthood doctors are professional and courteous and treat patients with respect. They perform abortions with surgical precision and a smile. The possibility of a botched abortion or a baby born alive is very rare. Women can rest assured – the doctor will not err; the fetus will not escape. Our doctors are highly skilled in stopping the heartbeats of the little ones.

Merely changing the location of the act.

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