Was Hitler A Repressed Homosexual?

New information about Adolph Hitler might suggest he had homosexual tendencies but repressed them in some strange ways. From Big Peace via The Examiner:

Newly discovered notes from a U.S. Army interview of former Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler doctors reveal that the madman had homosexual tendencies, did not sleep in girlfriend Eva Braun’s bedroom, and was doped up with multiple drugs including female hormones.
Written in erratic shorthand, Army interrogator Herman Merl, a Vienna-born medical technician enlisted to interview Hitler’s doctors, Karl Brandt and Theodor Morell, scribbled “Homosex” in his notebook where he sized up the mass murderer’s sexuality.

He then wrote: “Eva Braun = separate rooms” before adding “female hormone – injection 50,000 units.” Elsewhere he wrote, “His sexual life and intercourse with Eva Braun was told to me.”

The notebooks are going up for auction later this month at one of the nation’s leading sellers of historical artifacts, Alexander Historical Auctions of Chesapeake City, Md. Alexander has offered other important Third Reich relics, including a tea set from Hitler’s mountain hideaway and Josef Mengele’s diaries. Often the items are sold to Jewish collectors and museums.

Merl’s notes further confirm other post-war interviews with Hitler’s caretakers that he was “hysterical,” a “megalomaniac,” and suffered from several ailments, notably flatulence for which he took drugs to stop passing gas. He also suggested that Hitler had Parkinson’s disease.

The issue of homosexuality in the Nazi Party is a complicated on. SA leader Ernst Rohm was known to be gay. The argument that homosexuals were a part of Nazi leadership is nothing new, but the claim that Hitler was himself gay seems to a continuing question. Do not forget to look into the occult roots of Nazism as well if you are interested in this subject. Clearly, Hitler had some serious sexual problems as his girlfriends had an affinity for suicide. But maybe we could explain Hitler’s actions because of his repressed homosexuality? That seems to be a recent avenue of explanation for such things. This might also help to explain his hatred of Jews and Christians since there is a clear condemnation of homosexuality in their world views. Something to ponder anyway.

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