ObamaCare’s Future: Socialized Medicine In UK Needlessly Kills 13,000 And Counting

What is that saying about failing to learn from history? Being doomed to repeat it. For some reason, Democrats are so arrogant these days that they think they can do things better than they have been done before even if it has been proven to fail. We should really be concerned over our health care future since Socialized medicine kills patients through neglect, and probably intentionally in some cases. How else will costs be kept down? The NHS in Britain has killed at least 13,000 patients that we know of. From the Telegraph:

The NHS’s medical director will spell out the failings of 14 trusts in England, which between them have been responsible for up to 13,000 “excess deaths” since 2005.
Prof Sir Bruce Keogh will describe how each hospital let its patients down badly through poor care, medical errors and failures of management, and will show that the scandal of Stafford Hospital, where up to 1,200 patients died needlessly, was not a one-off.
The report will also pile pressure on Labour over its handling of the NHS, with the Conservatives likely to seize on it to attack Andy Burnham, the shadow health secretary who was in charge of the NHS in England from June 2009 until May 2010.
The report, due to be published on Tuesday, will:
• Name 14 hospitals as having excess rates of death, with hundreds of patients dying needlessly at each of them since 2005

Read the whole thing. Imagine the pressure on doctors when the costs of ObamaCare keep skyrocketing as more sick people are in the system while there are fewer healthy people not in it in order to pay for it? Death panels anyone?

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