Christian University In California Simulates Campus Shooting Drill (Pictures)

It is like that Bob Dylan song about the times. Things are definitely changing in our culture as a result of the Obama Administration, and there are three years left to go. Yesterday I noticed a helicopter circling over Biola University, I live just blocks away. This is usually not a good sign. My wife had already seen on Facebook that this was just a drill.

Biola Copter

Bang, bang. Shots were fired. More shots were fired. Biola public safety officers respond, seeing two individuals with rifles. Help is needed and Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies show up.

This wasn’t the real thing but rather an “Active Shooter Drill,” on the south part of the Biola campus Wednesday where officers prepared in case a situation arose at the campus.

“In this day and age you have to look at what’s happening around the nation,” said John Ojeisekhoba, chief of campus safety for Biola. “It can happen anywhere. We’re not immune.”

More than 100 sheriff’s deputies and 12 Biola public safety officers participated in the two drills that took about one hour.

I took a close look and found the command center just off the street.

Biola PD

Biola FD

Biola AMB

I am reminded of the shooting at the Family Research Council that was clearly driven by an anti-Christian motive. President Obama has done more to normalize homosexuality than any President in history, this kind of drill or thinking that Christian universities could be targets are a result of this. It truly is an Obama world and the Liberal agenda is marching on.

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