Liberals Want You To Pay For Bradley Mannings Sex Change; Already Calling Him “Her”

So all it takes for a man to be considered a woman and for the Left to embrace it is for a simple announcement. That is was Bradley Manning did after being convicted of leaking military secrets. And now Bradley is “Chelsea” and Liberals have embraced the change and expect your tax dollars to pay for his transition. From Think Progress:
C Manning

The same standard should apply to Manning. It remains unclear what her doctors have said or might yet say about how best to respond to her gender identity. If they recommend that her mental health and general well-being are dependent upon her ability to begin physically transitioning with the use of hormone therapy, the military will have to reconsider its policy. As the American Civil Liberties Union has pointed out, denying Manning treatment that her doctors have prescribed could raise “serious constitutional concerns,” such as violations of her right of equal protection and/or her freedom from cruel and unusual punishment.

And the feminists are calling him “her”.

Chelsea Manning’s statement after the announcement of her 35-year sentence.

How will President Obama respond to request to pardon Manning? I doubt he will pardon him, but Obama may make one of those executive directives he likes so much and say Manning should get access to hormones in order to transition to living as a female. Are you ready to pay for that?

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