Obama Declares Health Insurance A Right As He Dictates And Delays It’s Implementation (Video)

In President Obama’s latest weekly address and pitch for ObamaCare he reveals to us how dangerous his line of thinking has become. Especially if you consider his recent actions to arbitrarily delay key parts of the legislation. Take it all in if you can stomach it.

We should always be leery of being promised so much that is so good for us, particularly if it is coming from the government. Never mind about how ObamaCare is already killing full-time employment or that your current health care coverage is in jeopardy of disappearing. He actually uses California as an example of how ObamaCare is going to help lower prices? Hardly! Prices here are expected to skyrocket. The most alarming part comes at the end of this when Obama arbitrarily asserts that health care insurance is a right. Um, where in Constitution does it say that we have a right to buy or have certain items? Here again Obama is acting like a Totalitarian dictator here. One the one hand he acts to delay part of the law and then also making it a right that only he has the power to grant us. History shows us that sometimes people prefer and choose to accept tyranny because it makes them feel safer or loved. I think history is repeating itself again.


HT: Legal Insurrection

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