Al Gore’s Doomsday Polar Icecap Prediction Completely Backward:


Actually, arctic ice has increased 60 percent, which is a long way from disappearing and the scare monger alarmist warned back then. But how many new regulations do we have as a result of this?

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  1.… seems to dispute your claims.

    From the article:
    Does the larger ice extent this summer mean that the world is cooling, as some people skeptical of climate change have claimed in the past few days as the Arctic nears its annual minimum? Absolutely not, reports Serreze, who says that there will be ups and downs in summer ice extent each year due to natural variability in climate and weather patterns.

    He adds that the seven summers with the lowest amount of ice have all been in the past seven years. "The overall trend is downward, and it will continue to do so," Serreze says.

    Easy to "disprove" something when you look at one year..

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