Democratic Party Agenda Making Unions Useless As ObamaCare Nears

What exactly do we need unions for anymore? By all accounts, their agenda is the same as the Democratic Party. Maybe they very on the degree or speed in which certain things get done, but the end result will be the same. This is best seen with the push for ObamaCare. Since unions supposedly fought so hard for health care coverage from the companies where their members work, ObamaCare takes that chip away from them. There is some question about why the unions are so unhappy about ObamaCare right now, especially as it looks like President Obama will not grant them an exception to it.

So if not health care benefits, then what? Minimum wage? Well, Democrats got that covered too. Here in California the minimum wage is supposed to climb to $10 an hour. These are just two issues being talked about lately. If you think about, unions are just an enforcement arm of the Democratic Party that is meant to bully the rest of us into submitting to their agenda. That is why the exist even though they no longer really help working families.

Union Pig

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